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WordPress.org Training Team Lesson Plans

The WordPress Training Team creates downloadable lesson plans and related materials for instructors to use in live environments. If you enjoy teaching people how to use and build stuff for WordPress, immediately stop what you’re doing and join our team!

Regardless of your skill set, you can help! We need people to write, copyedit, test, audit, connect, and review our lesson plans. Find out how to get started at https://make.wordpress.org/training/handbook/about/getting-started/.

Speaker/Diversity Lesson Plans

We are keeping track of how many WP groups run the workshops this year. If you’re planning on running it, please either let us know here or message @jillbinder on Slack.

Lessons for speakers include:

Workshop Suggestions

Lesson plans can be combined in many ways to create workshops. A few suggestions are as follows:

Welcome to WordPress

  • General History of WordPress
  • What Can You Do With WordPress
  • One-Click Install Using Bluehost
  • Dashboard Overview
  • Content Editor Overview

Getting Started with WordPress

  • One-Click Install Using Bluehost
  • Selecting a Theme
  • Choosing and Installing Plugins

WordPress Workshop

  • Introduction: What is WordPress?
    • High Level Overview
    • Basic WordPress Concepts
    • One Click Install Using Bluehost
  • Getting Started: A Quick-Start Guide to WordPress
    • Overview of the Dashboard
    • Settings
    • Pages vs. Posts
    • Setting a Static Page as Your Homepage
    • Categories vs. Tags
    • What to Do When You Forget Your Password
    • User Management
  • Prettier Posts: Getting to Know the Editor
    • Content Editor Overview
    • Managing Media
    • Managing Comments
  • Make It Your Own: Changing the Look and Feel of Your New Site
    • Choosing and Installing a Theme
    • Theme Customizer
    • Managing Widgets
    • Managing Menus
    • Selecting Plugins